April 11, 2011

Little Wish Upon a Star!

I kind of can't contain my excitement. I'm practically a supernova, I feel like I will burst with energy and craziness at any moment now: My interview for Disney's College Program is TOMORROW! I'm trying to think of everything they'll ask, and everything I need to ask, and remember to relax and SMILE through it all. It's funny, in thinking about my various Disney memories, I can't believe how strong a presence Disney has had in my life. The first ring a boy ever gave me was silver with a blue mickey mouse emblem, from the NYC Disney store. My high school prom look was entirely inspired by The Little Mermaid (I even dyed my hair red. I should post a picture.) And I collect pins, one for every visit to the park.

April 9, 2011

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Something I have come to understand. The great commandment of furniture shopping: know thyself. You cannot make a good, reasonable, useful purchase that will stand the test of time if you don’t know who you are and what you want out of life. Yikes. Sounds as serious as a marriage proposal, and heck, you’ll have known the prospective furniture for a rather short amount of time before deciding. Usually.
But really, consider this. In choosing what pieces you want in your library, you would need to know your habits, likes, and dislikes well. Do you prefer to be sitting up when you read, or reclining? On a hard surface, or something super soft and squishy? (I know someone who prefers to read on their fake fur rug. yup.) Lots of room to stretch? Or just perfectly nestled into a small nook? Leather, which is cool to the touch? Does your pet like to curl up with you and get fur everywhere? Seriously…. I’ve only ever bought one substantial piece of furniture, if you can call it that… a bean bag. And the only thought that went into that was 1) it much be green, and 2) how much is that with tax?


A book must be an ice axe to break the seas frozen inside our soul.
-Franz Kafka 
I've had a cup of tea, read some poetry, and sifted through more blogs than I cared to keep track of today. And what did that accomplish? Well, primarily it provided me a relaxed Saturday afternoon. And then it sparked in me the desire to revive my blog, revamp it, and renew my writing skills (those might need a bit of dusting-off.) What can I say? All the beautiful photographs of libraries around the world made me jealous for one of my own. And the next best thing after reading a good book, is sharing it with others. See how it all relates?

January 20, 2011

the Nature of SoCal Day Trips

Southern California offers so much to the photographic artist, year round. But when the weather warms up and the sun starts shining again, we head outdoors and are quickly reminded why this is the Golden State. In honor of the start of a new season, celebrate the beginning of spring and the year round beauty of California by visiting some of these local treasures.

Orange County

Falls Canyon Falls- Well worth the $5 to purchase a one day adventure pass, the waterfall is the tallest in Orange County! The weekends find the watering hole rather crowded, but any weekday you can almost guarantee you’ll have the slice of paradise to yourself. They falls only last a few months during the SoCal rainy season, so it’s best to hike out between January and the end of April, but the setting is well worth it; the falls rival some I’ve seen in Hawaii, and the flower fields are so untouched, they are like heaven. It’s only half a mile from the trail head to the falls, but be sure not to hike the canyon while it is actually raining- unless you are out for some adventure shots of mudslides!