April 11, 2011

Little Wish Upon a Star!

I kind of can't contain my excitement. I'm practically a supernova, I feel like I will burst with energy and craziness at any moment now: My interview for Disney's College Program is TOMORROW! I'm trying to think of everything they'll ask, and everything I need to ask, and remember to relax and SMILE through it all. It's funny, in thinking about my various Disney memories, I can't believe how strong a presence Disney has had in my life. The first ring a boy ever gave me was silver with a blue mickey mouse emblem, from the NYC Disney store. My high school prom look was entirely inspired by The Little Mermaid (I even dyed my hair red. I should post a picture.) And I collect pins, one for every visit to the park.

I know my Disney experiences extend far beyond that, isn't that true for everyone? Like the halloween costumes we wore, the T.V. shows we grew up with (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was Disney- I didn't know that until the presentation I watched!) and the songs we sing. The Happiest Place on Earth is rather contagious, and working there sounds like one of the most amazing things I could do with my summer. And part of Disney's magic is its position as a Fortune 100 company. Pretty slick, huh? Uh-huh. And I will jump for joy if they take me on for the fall 2011 college program.

Today I'm busy prepping for my interview (Audition!) and trying to focus on homework as well... I just happen to have a mock trial tonight for my civil law class. Oopsie. Good thing I'm used to speaking on the fly in front of large groups. Anyway, just a short blurb of a post today, because I am so stinkin' amped, I couldn't help but share!

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